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We often get asked this question 

“How often should I trim my trees?” 


As a professional tree service company we will advise that there is no simple answer!! Why?


Because it will differ from tree to tree species. Every species will grow at different rates and therefore the timing of pruning will vary, especially in South Florida. The growth in Florida never stops, does it? 


A general rule of tree pruning is to try to, whenever possible, only remove 20 – 30% of growth from a tree, and the need to trim trees and plants is essential to keeping them lush, healthy and for maintaining their proper size. At least once a year, you should do a “Heavy” pruning (which is exactly what it sounds like).


Doing this will keep your trees at peak health and size. Heavy pruning encourages new growth and will rejuvenate your plants and trees to ensure a much fuller plant. 


The more often and regularly you make these pruning cuts the better chance your tree will have to recover from the “injury” and will allows your trees and shrubs to be trained for future growth. 


Remember in South Florida, landscaping is a year-round requirement and the need to Prune your trees, plants and shrubs on a regular basis is essential to keeping them healthy, beautiful and lush.


You don’t want them to become overgrown, or so that they block your views, or reduce your property value by impacting your curb appeal. 

We are here to help your tree trimming & pruning needs:

Removing dead & dying branches, thinning out the peak of a tree will raise lower limbs so that you clear obstructions and blocked views.

Most importantly, your trees and plants won’t continuously produce as many beautiful blooms keeping your property at its peak appeal and don’t become a safety hazard.

So, Just Call Us so that we can prune your trees and your shrubs.

Uses of Tree Trimming & Pruning:

  1. Tree pruning restores the lushness and beauty of your trees and is an important part of proper maintenance.
  2. Regular trimming & pruning will protect trees from the high winds of hurricanes and storms so common in South Florida. 
  3. Pruning and trimming can help avoid the risk of falling branches or limbs which can lead to other serious issues. 
  4. Tree trim will eliminate unwanted growth & dead branches as well as strengthen the tree or just control the tree size to accommodate for landscape design or curb appeal. 
  5. Professional Tree Trimming Does Have An Impact. As with all home repair or maintenance duties, tree trimming can have an important impact on the life and beauty of your trees, so it is vital that you have a professional tree service put together a plan to address your ongoing tree trimming needs.

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