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Tree Stump Grinding and/or Removal Service

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Once you have cut down a tree, a stump is left behind and it will need to be removed.

What Are Some Of The Reasons To Remove The Tree Stump Or To Grind It?

We Are Here to Help With Your Tree Stump Grinding & Removal Needs:

If adding new trees or if you want to enhance your landscaping in the location where the stump had been in your yard, you will definitely encounter difficulties. This is due to the roots of the old tree still being in the ground. This  will interfere with any new plantings you want to add.

You have two choices to deal with the issue of the stump.

You can either grind it or you can remove it.

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Best Uses For Stump Removal or Grinding

Stump Removal:

Is far more invasive. It involves pulling the bulky tree stump from the ground and then digging out the tree’s wide reaching roots. 

This takes a lot of time and therefore manpower and can be quite costly. However, once the entire stump has been removed, you will have a blank slate to plan your landscape needs.


Stump Grinding:

Is much less invasive and our professionals will use state-of-the-art machines to grind down the stump to ground level and we will leave behind wood chips which can be used as mulch for the other plantings in your yard enhancing your landscape.

Stump grinding is much more cost effective but it does leave the roots behind and it can years for the roots to fully breakdown. 

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